All the info that you see on this blog is my very own personal opinion. The text are done by me( I guess you can tell that they aren't done by a professional writer) and the images are also screen shots that I do myself.
The site is called Hero Apps and not Android Apps because I only test these applications on a HTC Hero and I don't really know how they perform on other devices.
I only write about apps the impress me, until now only in a good way but that can change I guess, so you will not see me talk about application that I feel are average. Either it's one of the best I have seen or it's total crap :).
About my self: I am a programmer working in the IT industry for about 4 and a half years now. I haven't done too much work involving the Android platform but I had and I am still having my clear cut and I am doing this blog as my own personal quality time:).
You can contact me by writing a comment anywhere in the site with some info about how I can get back at you.

I hope I offer you a good read and that you have fun browsing the articles and
maybe find some of this stuff useful.